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Sathya Sai Baba

Bhagawan reminds the Bal Vikas children why it is essential to build a strong character in a tender age and what one must do to build such a character:

You young children will soon grow up, and some of you will become mothers and some of you fathers; it is only when you learn to respect your parents when young, your children in turn will respect you and show regard to you when you become mothers and fathers.

Whatever seed is planted, that corresponding tree will sprout out of it. So also the kind of food that you take in will determine the nature of the belch. This concept of reaction is well understood and accepted by citizens of Bharath. Your life is like a seed. You must nurture this seed of life into a tree, and make efforts to relish the fruits of bliss and happiness that the tree bears. If the plant in its tender age were to become crooked and get a curved shape, then the whole tree too will be crooked.

So ensure that this period of life is spent in a fruitful and sacred manner. You can do this by acquiring sacred education through the study of the holy texts of Bharath like Bhagavatha, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Ithihasas and Vedas. Not only our spiritual texts, you should also acquaint yourself with holy texts like the Bible and the Quran.

Our country has been known as the treasure house of spiritual knowledge. In such a country, today, unfortunately injustice, hatred and jealousy are showing their ugly head. I am hoping that you boys and girls of the Balvikas, will grow into such citizens, who will re-establish Shanti, Prema and Dharma in this country.

The Goal of the Bavikas movement is societal transformation. But where should this process begin?

According to our Indian culture it is said, mother is God, father is God. One’s parents are the manifestations of Divinity in a visible form. Our parents have given us this body; have cared for us by giving us food and also given us the ideals with which we have to lead our lives. Hence we must consider showing our gratitude to them as our first and foremost duty. Our body, our blood and everything in this human body, all the aspects and all the capacities are given to us as a gift by our parents.

If you are unable to give satisfaction to your parents who have given you this sacred body, how will you be able to do good to the country? How will you be able to transform the society? How will you be able to look after the security of your country? You can think for yourself. When we are not in a position to make our parents who live in the same house happy, how can we spread happiness across the country and the world?

The boys and girls of Bal Vikas should begin at their homes by showing respect for their parents, brothers and sisters. This should be the first step. The second step is to respect, those in the neighborhood. We should also respect those that come as guests to our homes. Gradually in this manner, we should be able to spread our care to the rest of the village, going on to the whole district, and eventually to the country as a whole.

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